Rekindling Relationship

It's so difficult – being in a relationship that is deteriorating in front of you. Whether the relationship is with your partner, your child or anyone close to you, you have probably tried everything you could think of to salvage it. It is so discouraging when nothing seems to work.

But there can be hope. Truly understanding yourself, the other person, and the complexities of your relationship can yield powerful insights and may lead to change. And that can make all the difference.

So if you are struggling with issues with someone else – or within yourself – know that it is possible to find a way through the pain and to a better place.

So, How Exactly Does This Work?

For many, counseling is the option of last resort – and often a reluctant one. It's tough sometimes to ask for help and to open up to someone.

When you're considering which counselor to choose, ask yourself these questions:

Should you seek counseling for yourself or with a loved one? Talk with your counselor about this to get guidance.


If you want to do individual counseling, you can figure
out the issues that are bothering you. It is likely you
will learn new skills and will feel better about yourself.
Your relationships are likely to improve as well.

If you and your partner both want couples counseling,
that option works great as well. You can resolve old
issues (really!) and learn better ways to work through
new ones.

So, there is indeed hope – if people are willing to make
the effort.

And if counseling is working, you will know rather
quickly. Not that all of the problems will be solved
immediately – of course not. But you'll have the sense
that you are definitely on the right track. It will feel
right to you.