I think the people who decide to undergo counseling are very brave – willing to explore the deepest intricacies of the self and others, willing to tackle the difficult issues. (As opposed to just whining about how terrible everyone else is or taking their frustrations out on everyone in sight. You could even name a few such people you know personally, couldn't you?)

So if you decide to take that step, to engage in counseling, I wish you well on your journey as you discover more about yourself and find healthy solutions to your concerns. It may well be the most fascinating journey you ever take. If you select me as your therapist, I will be honored to travel that path with you. I know the value of it.

Contact me at: (360) 892-6654

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I know it takes something to reach out and make that first call. So I always answer my phone, unless I am in session with someone. You can always leave a confidential voicemail, and I will return your call at my first break.

Our address: Cascade Crest Executive Suites, 108 S.E.124th Ave., Vancouver, WA. 98684

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